Best 6 side jobs that office workers can do

“6 side jobs that office workers can do”

side jobs

The salary is like a drug that works regularly receive every month.In order to cut drugs, we need to make it hard to cut drugs, and try various attempts. And if such opportunities or conditions, it would be nice environment.

And if you try new things, you might feel like you’re doing something yourself, not a human being who’s bound by someone.

Today’s topic is “6 side jobs that office workers can do”.In other words, it is how to create separate profits with separate profits without quit the company.

Of course, there are ways to invest in assets such as stock and real estate, but this article, I want to explain about online consultations called “Digital Nomad”.

1. 6 side jobs that office workers can do

1) Blog

The easiest way to start is to run blogs using platforms such as WordPress.

If you can take an hour or two to write a day, you can start right away.

How can I make a profit by writing a blog post? It’s using Google AdSense.

When your writing accumulates to a certain extent, you can ask Google if you can put an advertisement, and if Google considers the quality of the writing and thinks it’s okay, it approves to put ‘AdSense’.

Then, Google ads are exposed on your blog, and the revenue is calculated on a daily basis by considering the number of times they are exposed and the number of times they are clicked.

In addition to Google AdSense, there are many ways to make a profit from blogs, including partnership marketing that helps you sell products such as Amazon Affiliate, or you can use it as a means to promote your business in conjunction with other side jobs listed below.

2) Influencer marketing

After gaining a large number of subscribers or followers on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Thread, there is a way to make advertising revenue by partnering with companies that want to advertise.

Or you can make a profit by having me buy a product through my page, install a game app, or browse a specific video or news.

Getting people together is difficult at the beginning, but if you have a certain number of followers, you may experience growing on your own with automatic traffic after that.

3) Online distribution sales

Another way to monetize an office worker is to make a profit by selling things online.

There are many ways to sell products online, one is to import overseas goods directly and sell them in Korea, the other is to purchase agencies, and the last is to resell goods wholesale from Korea.

But in order to make a decent profit with these methods, you have to plan the overall structure well. It will take a lot of time.

In particular, it takes a lot of skills and knowledge to do online distribution and sales. There are a lot of things to do, such as taking photos, recording detailed pages, promotional videos, marketing, and customer support.

Of course, there are many agency services that solve these things at once, but it is not easy to introduce them prematurely because they are expensive.

4) Space rental

There’s a way to rent out your living space and earn money through platforms like Air BNB. You have an empty room in your house, and you can start right away if you can rent it out.
If you want to run a space rental business but don’t have an empty room, you can also rent a space such as an unmanned cafe or an unmanned workshop that doesn’t require people.

5) Platform Operations

Do you know a site like Quora?

There’s a way to create a community like this that brings people together to attract traffic, and then you make a profit by partnering with a company that wants to sell products or advertise there.

It’s a very difficult side job, but if you make it right, it’s a really easy way to make money.

The characteristic of this method is that if you grow a community over a certain size, the community will operate on its own without special management after that.

6) Sales of talent

Have you ever thought about what I’m good at compared to others?

It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at taking pictures, writing well, playing well with your child, or folding paper well.

You can create an account on a platform for freelancers like Fiverr, and promote something you’re good at, connecting with consumers who need that talent.

Let’s get started. If the sales go well, you will succeed early, and even if you fail, you will gain that much experience.

2. The easiest side job to start

Above, we looked at six side jobs that you can start as an office worker.

I think you might be wondering what is the easiest side job to start and can start right away.

I think different people can give different answers, but if you ask me what I think, I think blog number one.

It’s a way to start right away without any capital and knowledge.

There are things you need to set up when you first start a platform called WordPress, so it may feel a little difficult, but there are many places that provide solutions to this (YouTube, etc.), so I think it’s a side job that anyone can start easily if they want to.

If you’re an office worker and you’re interested in starting a side job right now, I recommend you start with a blog.

3. Points to note

I don’t know which country you live in, but there are times when you’re not allowed to have a side job according to the company’s corporate climate or rules of employment within the company.

However, according to some precedents, no matter how much the employment rules stipulate that you cannot have such side jobs, there are cases where the company cannot restrict an individual’s side-work activities in the following cases.

  • In the case of a side job initiated by utilizing the capabilities gained by an individual through his or her own efforts, rather than the capabilities gained by working at the company
  • If it is a side job operated outside the company’s business hours
  • In the case of not interfering with the company’s work while working on the side

Therefore, I recommend that you start your side job while keeping the above in mind.

4. Conclusion

Living in an era of low growth and high prices, we are in a very difficult situation to enjoy economic freedom with one job.

It’s hard for anyone to get started. But once you start, you can keep running.

I don’t want you to just read this and move on.

If you’ve been searching on Google, and you’ve been able to reach this, you’ve been interested in some side jobs and you’ve been searching.

If you can add a little will, you have the opportunity to generate extra revenue in addition to the salary you’re receiving now.

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