How Peter Thuborg’s Miniatures and D&D Website Earns $8k+ Per Month from SEO Traffic

This article explores the incredible success story of Peter Thuborg, who unintentionally turned his passion for painting, printing, and playing with miniatures into a thriving online business. While working as an education consultant, Peter started a website called Age of Miniatures, which eventually gained significant traffic through SEO. After realizing the potential of his website, he made the bold decision to quit his day job and dedicate himself fully to growing his online venture. Now earning over $8,000 per month, Peter shares valuable insights into his website’s success, including his marketing strategy, his approach to SEO, and his content creation process.

How Peter Thuborg’s Miniatures and DD Website Earns $8k+ Per Month from SEO Traffic

Meet Peter Thuborg

Peter Thuborg, a philosopher and former education consultant from Denmark, is the creator of the highly successful website Age of Miniatures. He stumbled upon the idea for his website while playing board games and miniature games like Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons. Frustrated with the lack of beginner-friendly resources for new players, Peter decided to create a comprehensive beginners’ guide for the game. To his surprise, the website gained traction and started receiving significant traffic from Google searches.

Why He Created His Website

Peter’s decision to create Age of Miniatures was driven by his passion for the hobby and his desire to help others. He saw an underserved market and realized the potential to turn his website into a profitable business. As a part-time employee, Peter dedicated his spare time to writing articles and growing his website. After 2.5 years of part-time work and another year of full-time focus, Peter’s website had become a significant source of income. He made the bold decision to quit his day job and focus entirely on Age of Miniatures.

How Peter Thuborg’s Miniatures and DD Website Earns $8k+ Per Month from SEO Traffic

How Much Money He’s Making

In terms of revenue, Age of Miniatures earns about $8,466 per month on average. The income is primarily generated from ads and affiliate partnerships with companies like Amazon and ShareaSale. The website receives around 250,000 pageviews per month, but Peter emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to content creation. He currently spends about 30 hours per week working on his website and is exploring additional income streams, such as creating digital products.

Peter’s Top Marketing Strategy

Peter’s top marketing strategy is to focus on organic search traffic. He found that social media promotion was often a waste of time, as platforms prioritize keeping users on their sites rather than directing them to external sources. Instead, Peter invests his time in creating high-quality content and continuously adding new articles to his website. He believes that providing valuable and unique content is the key to attracting and retaining an audience. While he recognizes the potential risks of competition from larger brands, Peter remains confident in the expertise and niche nature of his content.

How Peter Thuborg’s Miniatures and DD Website Earns $8k+ Per Month from SEO Traffic

His Thoughts on SEO

Although SEO plays a crucial role in his website’s success, Peter takes a minimalistic approach to traditional “SEO stuff.” He focuses on optimizing on-page SEO elements and relies on organic link building and topical authority to outrank competitors. Peter is cautious of the expensive premium SEO tools available in the market, as he found their value to be disproportionate to their cost. Instead, he makes extensive use of free tools like Google Analytics and the Google Search Console to gather data and make informed decisions.

Keyword Research

Peter’s keyword research approach is less formalized but relies on his extensive knowledge of his niche. With over 300 articles on Age of Miniatures, he has developed a good sense of the traffic potential for different topics. Peter chooses a balance between high-traffic topics and subjects that personally interest him. While he acknowledges the importance of thorough keyword research for new websites, he emphasizes the value of relying on website analytics and his expertise to gauge the potential traffic for specific topics.

Link Building

Unlike many other websites that pursue external link building strategies, Peter prefers to focus on organic link building. He avoids guest posting and only links to other websites or articles when they are highly relevant to his content. Peter believes in building organic links naturally rather than actively seeking them. However, when it comes to internal link building, Peter utilizes tools like Link Whisper to optimize internal linking within his website. Internal links not only benefit SEO but also improve navigation and increase pageviews.

His Content Creation Process

Peter dedicates at least three hours a day to writing content for Age of Miniatures. He has found that writing for more extended periods can lead to a decline in quality. Peter’s approach to content creation is driven by his passion and the desire to address gaps in existing resources. He focuses on topics that he feels strongly about and aims to provide unique perspectives that have not been widely covered. Quality, rather than quantity, is the guiding principle behind his content creation process.

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